Pediatric Therapy Redefined

At Solaris, our mission is to be a source of hope and discovery for families with children that face mental and physical challenges. Through therapeutic techniques and parent education, we help children develop the skills they need to handle day to day activities and to be comfortable in normal, social environments. We help families to understand the child’s viewpoint and how to continue the therapeutic techniques at home and school.

We offer occupational therapy, physical therapy and yoga therapy. We may recommend one or a combination of therapies, depending on your child’s needs. Our recommendations will be based on a thorough evaluation where we assess motor integration skills (both visual and fine), gross motor, balance, coordination, reflexes, sensory processing skills, communication skills and temperament.

From the child’s perspective, therapy is play. We tailor play activities to the child to support brain maturation and the development of skills required for daily life. Through play, we present the child with challenges designed to help them regulate their motor and emotional responses and increase their self-esteem and self-confidence.

Our work with a child and family is more than treating conditions or symptoms. We are offering a holistic approach to unlock each child’s individual potential.

Integrating an array of different modalities of treatment, Yulene gave me my daughter back: I was able to hug her and kiss her, and form a bond with my child for the first time since she was born (before, she wouldn’t allow me to touch her or kiss her), her attention span improved greatly, the several daily terrible tantrums disappeared almost completely…Our daughter is now ready to join Kindergarten, enjoys going to school and playing with friends, has a loving relationship with her parents and her sister, and is spending lots of time drawing, which is now her biggest hobby. I credit Yulene for all these wonderful things, and would wholeheartedly recommend her to any family with a child in need of therapy.


Solaris met and exceeded our expectations. The sensory gym had so many different options for play and we loved seeing him try new things each week. The therapists were thoroughly experienced in working with toddlers and were so kind to our little one.


Katherine H.