At Solaris Pediatric Therapy, located in Houston, Texas, the occupational therapy team aims to help each child reach their optimal potential. The pediatric occupational therapy specialists, including Courtney Sanderson, CCC-SPL, provide care for many special child needs, utilizing a variety of therapies. To learn more about the benefits of occupational therapy for your child, call the office, or use the online booking tool to request an appointment today.

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What is occupational therapy?

Occupational therapy is an area of health care focused on helping people with sensory, physical, and cognitive disabilities develop skills that allow them to be as independent as possible.

Though occupational therapy provides care for people of all ages, the occupational therapists at Solaris Pediatric Therapy specialize in pediatric occupational therapy. The experienced team works closely with each child and their families to help them develop skills that allow them to reach their optimal potential.

The team takes a unique approach to care, evaluating your child’s ability to regulate their nervous system, sensory processing abilities, visual system, reflexes, and capacity for social engagement. This approach allows the team to better understand your child’s world and why they experience the challenges they do, which is essential for developing a well-rounded therapy program specific to your child’s needs.

How can children benefit from occupational therapy?

The occupational therapy team at Solaris Pediatric Therapy helps many children. Your child may benefit from occupational therapy if they’re struggling with:

  • Playing with others
  • Participating at school or in other social environments
  • Learning independent tasks
  • Developing emotional regulation and resilience

The team has experience helping children with many common developmental conditions, including developmental delays, autism, sensory processing disorder, anxiety, and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). The team also helps children with physical disabilities, learning disabilities, auditory processing disorders, Down syndrome, and cerebral palsy, as well as picky eaters.

What are occupational therapy techniques?

The occupational therapists at Solaris Pediatric Therapy are trained in multiple therapy techniques and offer comprehensive programs to meet your child’s needs. Some of the therapies provided include:

  • Bal-A-Vis-X
  • Reflex integration
  • iLs (integrated listening systems)
  • Brain Gym®
  • Astronaut training
  • Sensory integration therapy
  • DIRFloortime®

Occupational therapists specialize in fine motor skills and also offer a handwriting program focused on helping children improve their foundational handwriting skills.

In addition to occupational therapy, the team at Solaris Pediatric Therapy also includes physical therapy, and treatment may combine the two disciplines to ensure your child gets the most well-rounded therapy possible.

To learn more about the benefits of occupational therapy at Solaris Pediatric Therapy, call the office or request an appointment online today.