Handwriting is a complex skill that, when not fully mastered, may require your child to exert too much physical and mental effort. Courtney Sanderson, CCC-SPL, and the experienced team at Solaris Pediatric Therapy in Houston, Texas, offer handwriting groups throughout the year to help children build a strong and efficient foundation for this essential skill. To learn more about the handwriting group, contact the office by phone or request an appointment online today.

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We’ve been featured in an article for National Handwriting Day.

In a world dominated by digital communication, the art of handwriting seems to be fading into obscurity. Yet, it still holds importance, especially for young learners. Nancy McReynolds and Kaitlyn Furr from Solaris Pediatric Therapy shed light on the significance of handwriting in occupational therapy and education. Dive into our conversation on the state of handwriting in today’s society and why it matters.

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What is handwriting?

Handwriting refers to the management of the written language. The complex skill requires coordination of your eyes, arm, hand, and posture for the formation of letters, words, and sentences.

Your child’s handwriting skills may provide clues about their development. Handwriting skills may also affect learning since educators often use written work as a tool to measure your child’s abilities.

Efficient handwriting is more than neat handwriting. It involves the proper body mechanics to hold and use a writing utensil and the amount of effort (both physical and mental) required to carry out the act of handwriting. If your child is unable to master the foundational skills required for handwriting, they may exert too much physical and mental energy that may reduce their ability and willingness to learn.

Can my child benefit from handwriting therapy?

If you have concerns about your child’s handwriting, they may benefit from participating in the handwriting groups at Solaris Pediatric Therapy. These groups are open to children between the ages of 5-10 and are led by one of the experienced pediatric occupational therapists. The goal of the handwriting group is to lay the foundation for efficient handwriting by working on the gross motor, fine motor, and visual-motor skills needed to support this complex skill.

What happens during handwriting therapy?

The group handwriting therapy at Solaris Pediatric Therapy is an eight-week program. The team at Solaris Pediatric Therapy likes to keep group sizes small for a more personalized experience for your child.

The occupational therapist begins each session with a sensory-motor activity that develops the systems that support handwriting, which include:

  • Proprioceptive
  • Vestibular
  • Tactile
  • Visual

The therapist helps your child work on correcting their pencil grip, letter formation, letter reversals, spacing, writing legibility, and good body posture. The occupational therapists at Solaris Pediatric Therapy primarily work on improving your child’s print, but cursive is incorporated into handwriting therapy when appropriate.

Your child’s handwriting may interfere with their learning. To help your child improve their handwriting skills and efficiency, contact Solaris Pediatric Therapy by phone or request a consultation online today.