Why writing by hand could make you smarter

Article via Psychology Today. Looking for help with handwriting? Our after school group starts March 27. Have you ever tried to read your physician’s prescriptions? Children increasingly print their writing because they don’t know cursive or theirs is simply unreadable. I have a middle-school grandson who has trouble reading his own cursive. Grandparents may find … Continue reading Why writing by hand could make you smarter

After school Handwriting Group starts March 27

Our Handwriting Group will help kids ages 5-10 develop skills for efficient and neat handwriting. Areas worked on include correct pencil grip, letter formation, letter reversals, spacing of letters and good body posture. Since handwriting is a complex skill, a multi-faceted approach is used. Fine motor and visual motor activities along with sensory motor activities … Continue reading After school Handwriting Group starts March 27

We’re Hiring!

We are looking for talented and enthusiastic pediatric occupational, physical and speech therapists! Please fill out our career form to apply. Ideal candidates will have the following qualities: eager to learn new therapuetic techniques and approaches adopts a holistic, whole child approach in their treatment strategies works collaboratively with other therapists and the families they … Continue reading We’re Hiring!