Handwriting & Yoga Camp

Our Handwriting & Yoga camp lays the foundation for efficient and neat handwriting skills as well as skills beneficial for learning. It is ideal for kids ages 5-10, but depending on the group make up may be able to take kids a little outside of this age range.

The camp is led by an experienced pediatric Occupational Therapist and certified Yoga teacher, and facilitated by volunteers. Each week of camp is limited to 8 kids to ensure appropriate supervision and guidance in the camp activities.

Each day incorporates sensory motor activities that work on the proprioceptive, vestibular, tactile and visual systems as well as activities to improve fine motor and visual motor skills. The yoga practice helps to improve body awareness, attention, self-regulatory abilities and learn relaxation techniques (important for reducing stress and anxiety). When a child is calm they can easily access their higher functioning cognitive abilities!

We use the Handwriting Without Tears workbooks to practice handwriting. It uses a story telling technique to help kids remember the correct formation of letters and the style eliminates distractions to help kids focus on the fundamentals. In the workbooks the kids will work on correct letter formation, spacing and letter reversals. We provide tools to aid on correct pencil grip and develop fine motor skills. Cursive is also available to those kids who have mastered print.

We typically hold this camp the first 2 weeks of June, annually.

Typical schedule:

8:45 Drop off

9:00 Sensory Motor Activities

9:45 Snack (bring from home)

10:00 Fine Motor & Visual Motor

10:15 Handwriting Activities

10:50 Break

11:00 Yoga

12:00 Pick Up

The camp is a friendly atmosphere with lots of fun and engaging activities for the children. I saw a lot of improvement very quickly and was impressed that my son looked forward to attending camp. He was fascinated about his Yoga experience, said he felt “way” better, and even asked me to join him at home to do some yoga exercises.

Lily, mom to 9 year old Nicolas.

My daughter really enjoyed the games, handwriting and yoga. I loved that she got very individualized attention and instruction. She practiced some great skills. Daily newsletters are very thorough and helpful!

Caren, mom to 7 year old Natalie.