Handwriting Group

Our Handwriting Group is for kids between the ages of 5-10 and is led by an occupational therapist. The goal of the group is to lay the foundation for efficient handwriting by working on the gross motor, fine motor and visual motor skills that support this complex skill. Each session starts with sensory-motor activities that develop the systems which support efficient handwriting: the proprioceptive, vestibular, tactile and visual. Parents are provided with newsletters that explain the skills worked on and activities to do at home. Participants will work on correct pencil grip, correct letter formation, letter reversals, spacing, writing legibility and good body posture. Participants will mainly work in print, but cursive will be incorporated if appropriate. This is a 9 week program, taking place on Wednesdays from 5pm-6pm. The program cost is $495 and is limited to 6 participants.

Our next group will start January 15, 2020. To secure a place, a $100 non-refundable deposit is required. Please call our office on 832-727-3771. The last day to register is January 13, 2020.