Yulene Broussard, OTR/L, Owner

Yulene has 20 years of experience as a pediatric occupational therapist. She received her master’s degree in pediatric occupational therapy from the Ohio State University. After graduate school, Yulene worked at the Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio. She has worked with children with sensory processing disorder, autism spectrum disorder, developmental delays, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, and other conditions. Yulene received mentorship from Dr. Lucy Miller, a leading researcher in the field of sensory processing disorder. Yulene is an advanced iLs practitioner and is certified in Safe & Sound Protocol, Brain Gym®, the SOS Feeding Approach, Rhythmic Movement Training, QRI and has been trained in DIR/DIRFloortime. She has received her MNRI Associate Level 1 certificate for the Masgutova Method and is working towards her Level 2 certification. She is the author of a book on hand function, “手能生巧”.

Yulene is a licensed Yoga for the Special Child practitioner and coordinates the Houston Yoga for the Special Child basic program with the founder of the method, Sonia Sumar. Yulene has studied with Sonia since 2007, completing over 500 hours of Yoga for the Special Child, and is continuing her advanced training. As well as teaching Yoga for the Special Child classes to children, Yulene offers Yoga for the Special Child classes to parents so that they can experience and have personal awareness of the therapeutic benefits of the method to their child. Yulene believes that when parents have personal awareness it facilitates their own growth and creates positive changes for the child.

Yulene was inspired to open up her own clinic to provide services she felt were missing for children with special needs. The methods used at Solaris seek to draw out the child’s inner drive and joyful nature so that they may have positive interactions with family, friends and their environment. Yulene hopes to provide a redefined version of pediatric therapy: a place of love, connection, happiness and learning for all.